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South Chicago Office Build

We recently had the pleasure of demolishing and rebuilding interior office space at the Michaelson Building in the South Chicago Suburbs.

Many thanks to our Bolingbrook Realtor friends who brought us in on this amazing project. The Sherbert Crew – Bolingbrook Real Estate Agents.

Faux Wood Tiles – No Really, This Is Tile!

Most times when we mention to a client about wanting to use tile in a design, we are usually met with a confused stare which is usually followed by the client beginning to second guess their decision to hire Walliner.  But when we show them a prototype of the design and how we plan to use tile throughout the build, that is when that confused glare turns into wide eyes of wonderment.


Tile. It isn’t just for bathrooms.

When most people think of tile they can’t help but just think about the flooring or wall coverings for a bathroom. It can be said that you can’t go wrong with using tile in a bathroom design. No question that when it comes to a bathroom, a good ceramic tile is just what you need to combat the moisture from the water.

luxury bathroom

Today we are going to discuss the other type of tiles you can use in any other room of your home or office.


Faux Wood Tiles As Flooring

Old wood tiles

Yeah… that’s tile. No really! That antique wood look that has been all the rave for the last few years? You can have that “reclaimed wood” look without the high-price.

Faux Wood Ceramic Tiles can be used in family rooms and other high traffic living areas perfectly as they can hold up under touch conditions ever better than the real thing more times than not. Rampaging Kids, rambunctious pets? Faux wood Ceramic tiles can take a beating and stay looking beautiful.

Even other pros have great things to say about Faux wood ceramic tiles!

reclaimed wood tiles

” As a reclaimed wood flooring and furniture provider here in Louisville, we talk to customers all day about the rich warm character of reclaimed wood. But sometimes people love the look and character of olde wood but not the cost. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it. For those clients that just can’t come to terms with the price of antique wood and they are willing to sacrifice the feeling of wood, we tell them to look no further than faux wood ceramic tiles. Similar character of Reclaimed wood for usually more than half the cost less. Hard to beat that.” – Mike – Flooring and Granite DesignsLouisville Flooring Specialists.

At Walliner, we have been using a variety of faux wood ceramic tile products in both commercial and residential spaces as well as from everything from studio apartments in the heart of the city to upscale office spaces.

The only drawback to faux would tiles would be that it lacks the warmth from the touch. When your feet touch the tiles, you know it’s not wood. It’s more than apparent from the touch of it. But if the feel of real wood isn’t as important as the aesthetic or strength of tile, then you would do yourself a great favor by considering tile for your next remodeling project.

Walliner Construction presents Westbrook Falls

View of kitchen with marble worktop - Westbrook Falls

View of kitchen with marble worktop – Westbrook Falls

One of the newest luxury subdivisions coming to Chicago, Illinois, is set to begin construction this Autumn. Referred to as Westbrook Falls, this new community will comprise 40 lots and be located near wacker. and 190th st., in the north coast corner of downtown

Practically a decade ago, the Gold Coast Planning and Zoning Commission designed a Community Area Plan that zoned this location of the city for single-family residences. Westbrook Falls was actually approved for property development in 2008, but the economic downturn hindered plans from ever coming to completion. A new proposal was brought to the city in march 2016 and approved once again. The development of Hidden Creek is assumed to be extremely popular because the adjacent Jenk Park plaza has become one of the city’s finest commercial and residential locations.

sketch design of interior hall

Westbrook Falls Offers 20 commercial leases and 40 Single-Family Residences

The 40 single-family residences that are to be built in Westbrook Falls are expected to average around 1,500 and 2,000 square feet. The new neighborhood will provide easy access to neighboring amenities while still being located in a bustling section of the city that is well received by family-friendly neighbors. It will also be zoned for students to attend nearby Carmine coast High School.